The surface of the skis, which you will build with us, can be fitted out with almost any visual appearance. The design of the skis is determined solely by you – whether veneer, photoprint or engravings, it’s all up to you!


In the BASIC SEMINAR you can design the surface of your own skis as desired.
Besides dyeing the skis with resin and applying veneer, you can also the use different fabrics, printed fleece or top-sheet.


In the PRO DESIGN SEMINAR you can make the surface of your skis even more individual and complex.


Upon request, you can laser your wood veneer together with us, or you can send us directly your desired design and we prepare it for you. You can engrave, outline or cut through the veneer to create a desired design of your skis.


Likewise, it is possible to implement titanium plates onto your skis. With the use of a water-jet, we will cut the form out for you, and help with the application.


You can also choose a colored ski base. A wide variety of colors are in offer, from flashy yellow, orange, pink to toned blue, red, purple and green. Additionally, upon request it is possible to apply a design pattern onto your ski base.