To this day Andreas “Felix” Fehlau is the owner of the company 7-per-year.

In 2008, Felix had an idea of a ski building workshop which was intended as a private handcraft project. The continuous damages and thefts of his skis, forced him to buy several new skis. He always wondered which skis might meet his requirements. What length, what radius, what width should he have? Oddly enough, the skis were incomparably different when looking at the specifications and riding skis themselves.

These questions could not be satisfactorily answered by theoretical analytics. Thanks to this challenge and advanced craftsman’s skills, he pragmatically dealt with the problem.

The question “Why is a ski as built?” can only be followed by the answered “build a ski”.

In 2008 the first self-built ski “Turtle” was built.

As with all technical studies, with every further step arise more questions then there are answers. In order to obtain the answers, Felix gradually built a wide variety of skis. The ski-building fiver has begun! Friends, family and acquaintances were all testing the new designs – then all of a sudden everyone wanted to build their own Skis.

The vision of Ski Building Workshops was born.

7-per-year has the explanation to the question “How many pairs of skis can I build in a year without losing the joy of it?” The answer was “10, but 3 I keep for myself.”

Everyone should be able to understand, plan and build their own skis. The knowledge, which the well-known ski companies have hid from public, would now be uncovered during the seminars. The company “7-per-year” was established.

Through friends, the news about the seminars have reached Michael Pause from Bavarian Radio, who together with Max Schmidt, spontaneously decided to dedicate a complete broadcast “Freizeit” to the ski building workshop and to further air it in a TV program “Bergauf-Bergab”. It was broadcasted in January 2009 at 21:45 – at 22:15 the phone was no longer silent.

In the 1st season more than 150 participants were trained, in the 2nd one more than 800 pairs of workshop skis were built and in the 3rd season the counting was discontinued once it have reached 1,000.

In the meantime even former trainers and participants offer these type of seminars in Germany and Austria. All known to us providers of ski building workshops were initially trained by Felix.

Judith Borowitz was already on board with the ski-building from the season 2. Together with Ola Dobrov, she founded PROJECT AB and want to revive the spirit. Together with Andreas “Felix” Fehlau the workshops are now elevated to another technical level, as they are offered in cooperation with the high-tech workshop MakerSpace.